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Lateasha DeGuzman–Gbor is considered Motown royalty – a walking talking “who’s who” of the music  entertainment  industry.  She’s  a  former  pop  star  and  manager  but  her  passion  and  her  business is giving back to those in need. With celebrity friends’ support, she auctions off their most prized possessions the iconic outfits that help define their careers, all lovingly stored in their celebrity closets.

Lateasha and her teams will then strategize next

Determining which of her celebrity connections can she persuade to donate pieces for her to auction off. There will be two celebrities featured in each  episode, all trying to raise funds for one major charity. We’ll see her rifle through their closets , with them in tow, to explain where these outfits were worn and why they love them. We’ll get to see the iconic piece they won’t part with and the iconic piece they will! So this will be hame-packed with take out about why that dress is so special to them or why that hat is their favorite! And we’ll then see the excitement of the auction and how much they raise for charity

The Charities

The key is love, I love what i do. I love these celebrities, they are my friends and i love the clothes. But mainly I love helping these wonderful charities helping people who really need our support.

We aren’t on this planet for long, I want to do good while I am here…CELEBRITIES CLOSETS has made that possible. AND IT’S FUN


The reason she is so successful at what she does is because Lateasha is the real deal. Born and  raised in New York City, she is a showbiz heiress. Her Father, Ali Woodson , was the lead singer for the legendary Temptations, and her mother Dolores Bundy ,is a well-respected entrepreneur in the music industry and successful writer/author.




ADDRESS: 14522 1/2 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA


PHONE: 818.641-5111

E-MAIL: celebsclosets@gmail.com

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